WooCommerce Common Errors And Their Fixes

Most Common WooCommerce Errors & How To Fix Them

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the Web internet in the world. WordPress regime 34% of the web internet in 2019 and a 4% increase from the previous year. Each month over 400 million people visit the WordPress site. If your calculation only the CMS-built the websites, then about 60% of them are WordPress. If you saw that, which big brands that are using WordPress. I believe you will be surprised, that Facebook, BBC America, Microsoft, Time Inc has used WordPress. So you can check out here Top brand used WordPress. See the details here. So you can feel free to use WordPress for your business website.

Now, I will tell you something about WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open-source and an eCommerce free plugin. More than 28% of an eCommerce website has been made by WooCommerce. WooCommerce was first developed by the WordPress theme called WooThemes. In May 2015, WooThemes and WooCommerce were acquired by Automattic, operator of WordPress.com and core contributor to the WordPress software.

In this tutorial, I will explain to you the best and most common WooCommerce website errors and their solutions. I am listing a few of the most common WooCommerce errors and their fixes.

1. Plugin and Theme Conflict:

After updating the theme and plugins, if you still see any error, there is a possibility one of your Plugins is not compatible with your theme. Try disabling all plugins and re-enable one by one to check which plugin is conflicting. if you do not see any errors in the admin panel or the website then first you should set define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true ); wp-config.php file.

2. session_start Warning:
If you see an error message like below,

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(xxx) failed:
Permission denied (13) in xxx/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/woocommerce.php
on line 80

This problem is from your hosting provider’s end, you should contact their support. In substance, it begins when sessions in PHP did not set up correctly, or the sessions directory is not writable.

3. Session Conflicting on Multiple Sites on One Domain:
When we host multiple WordPress websites on a single domain, there is a possibility of the conflicting session. This should not happen.
To solve this, open your wp-config.php file and add the following code:

if ( ! session_id() ) {
session_name( 'PHPSESSID_1' );

4. Call to Undefined Function: is_woocommerce_active():

This error isn’t related to your WooCommerce settings. it’s a compatibility issue. There is possibly two basic logic of why this error occurred:

  • Plugin out of date:
  • Third party themes:

Solution: keep update plugin and choose WooCommerce compatible theme.

5. Completed Order Email Doesn’t Contain Download Links:
Occasionally, Downloadable items don’t show downloading link in Email.
This usually happens when you have an excessively long table prefix (greater than 64 characters). A SQL table named wp_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions is not created automatically due to the exceeded limit of the table name in your Database.
How to Fix:
Keep shorten your table prefix name. You can do it using a WordPress plugin Brozzme DB Prefix & Tools Addons

After changing table prefix, it would look like this:

6. Blurry Images:
Theme default image size and WooCommerce default image sizes are different.

The most common problem of a WooCommerce store is how your product will be displayed. You can manage your product display in two ways.

  • Theme Default Image Sizes
  • WooCommerce Default Image Sizes

To Fix:
There are three types of images available in a WooCommerce.

  • Single Product Image
  • Catalog Images
  • Product Thumbnails

Single Product Image:
The largest thumbnail on the product details page. To know the default Single Product Image dimension of your theme, navigate to your Website store, open a Product. You’ll see the largest image. In Google Chrome, right-click on the largest image you’ll see the dimension. Note it down.


Catalog Images:
Medium-sized thumbnails are used in product loops (e.g., categories, related products, up-sells, cross-sells, etc.). To know the default Catalog Image dimension of your theme, navigate to your store. You’ll see Medium-Sized images of different products. In Google Chrome, right-click on any medium-sized image and you’ll see the dimensions. Note it down.
Product Thumbnails:
The smallest thumbnail used in product galleries on the single product pages, the cart and widgets. To know the default Product Thumbnail dimension of your theme, navigate to your store, open a Product. You’ll see small-sized images just below the largest image (depends on your theme). In Google Chrome, right-click on the small-sized image and you’ll see the dimensions. Note it down.

WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display you’ll see WooCommerce default image size. change them with your theme default image size.


Note: For products, I would like to recommend you to always upload an image at a minimum of 800 x 800 and even larger will be more preferred.

This article doesn’t cover every conceivable WooCommerce errors. There is a possibility that you might face other errors, feel free to ask about your specific issue by using my Fiverr account. I would love to help you out.

You are now done with WooCommerce the most common errors and their fixes. Are you facing any difficulty? Feel free to query by using my Fiverr service.
I can do:

  • Fully Functional eCommerce Website using WooCommerce
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